Welcome to the St. James!

EX ST James Photo Album

Entering the Lobby

Lobby furnished with antiques original to the building create a backdrop for the western art seen throughout the hotel.

Late 1800's Elegance

Roulette table under the elk has been in the hotel since 1876.

Checking In

Mary Haun Purcell, staying at the St. James while reliving memories with her sister.

Original Main Entrance

Do you see faces in the window?

H 1 Pancho Griego Room

H 3 Bat Masterson Room

H 3 Bat Masterson - Side Room

H 5 Jesse James Room

H 9 Governor's Room - Lew Wallace

H 10 Annie Oakley Suite - Sitting Room

H 10 Annie Oakley Suite - Bedroom

H 10 Annie Oakley Suite - Restroom

H 16 Doc Holliday - Sitting Room

Next door to TJ's room #18!

H 16 Doc Holliday Room - Bedroom

H 17 Mary Lambert Room

Mary's Roses

You know Mary is present if you smell roses. Do you smell her roses?

H 19 William (Buffalo Bill) Cody Room

Cody was friends with the original owners, the Lamberts, while working for Lucien Maxwell as a goat herd manager.

H 22 Zane Grey Room

H 23 Waite Phillips Suite

H 23 Waite Phillips - Sitting Room

H 24 Remington Room

Remington Room #24

One of the most original looking rooms from the late 1800's.

Restaurant & Bar Entrance

Where fine dining has been a tradition for over a hundred years.

Continuing the tradition of serving fine food!

Antique Bar

Fine wines, mixed drinks and cold beer!

Enjoying the atmosphere!

Meet your friends on the Patio!

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

Find a quiet place on the patio.

Listen to the water & let your worries go.

Stroll to a room in the annex.

Annex has more "modern" accommodations such as televisions!

View from second floor of annex.

Comfortable annex room.

Ready for a good night's rest?

Another great day at the St. James!